Develop and maintain your habits

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Develop and maintain your habits
2023 Mar 1Habit forming

Habits are the decisions and actions we undertake daily. By aligning with the natural rhythm of your brain and body, you can more effectively maintain and strengthen your habits.

Here's a tip: Segment your 24-hour day-night cycle into three phases to enhance your habits.

First Phase: 0-8 hours post waking

During this window, your brain and body are at their most alert and focused due to elevated levels of dopamine, adrenaline, and cortisol. This phase is optimal for combating feelings of anxiety, procrastination, and fatigue. However, it's also a time when we might be easily distracted. As cortisol levels rise and body temperature increases:

  • Seek natural sunlight or bright artificial light.
  • Engage in exercises, consider taking cold showers, or tackle demanding tasks.
  • Consume caffeine and gear up for the day ahead.
  • Prioritize tasks that require the most energy and concentration.

By capitalizing on this phase, you can effectively combat feelings like anxiety and fear. The unique combination of neurochemicals released at this time helps you overcome barriers to establishing specific habits. Your nervous system will adjust to this rhythm, anticipating and facilitating the execution of even your most challenging tasks. However, avoid overburdening yourself. Aim to accomplish 1-4 critical habits during this time, especially those that require maximum energy and focus.

Second Phase: 9-15 hours post waking

Due to our body's circadian rhythm, adrenaline levels wane while serotonin levels rise during this period, inducing a more relaxed state. This phase is less conducive to strenuous physical tasks. Dim your lights if possible.

  • Activities like meditation, yoga, and self-hypnosis are particularly effective now.
  • This is also an opportune time for contemplative tasks like brainstorming, writing, or other creative pursuits.
  • Engage in habitual activities that don't demand significant energy or concentration.
  • This phase promotes relaxation and primes us for the upcoming night. It's an excellent period for more leisurely endeavors and experiments.

Third Phase: 16-24 hours post waking (The Sleep Phase)

This is the phase for rejuvenation. Here, we recharge, equipping ourselves to tackle another day of challenges.

  • Diminish exposure to bright lights and ensure your sleep environment is dark and cool.
  • Eat adequately before entering this phase to prevent nocturnal disruptions due to hunger.
  • The progress and habits cultivated during the day are solidified during this phase. Properly observing the sleep phase recommendations reinforces the efforts made during the preceding phases.

It's worth noting that any endeavor contrary to human nature is set up for failure. Gaining a comprehensive understanding of habits, how to foster them, and the ideal times to nurture them is a cornerstone in promoting holistic well-being.

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