Vital Habits App
Vital Habits App

Longevity App for a balanced life

Learn to balance every aspect of your being to create more energy and inner peace. Integrate scientifically proven methods into your day to experience life at its fullest.

Experience what it means to be fully alive

Short-term benefits

  1. 1Experience reduced anxiety, improved mood, better digestion
  2. 2Feel more energy and zest for life
  3. 3Move and see with clarity and focus

Long-term benefits

  1. 1Keep a bright mind and active body throughout your entire life
  2. 2Experience more connection with yourself and others
  3. 3Increase your healthspan and lifespan

Life-changing approach to longevity

Vital Habits App

Longevity habits

Explore the latest scientific research condensed into a system of easy-to-integrate healthy habits. Simply choose the habits that resonate with you, create your unique daily routine, and follow the given recommendations to experience improved wellbeing.

Vital Habits App

Guided meditations

Meditation - among numerous other benefits - increases focus, relieves stress, improves sleep quality, and enhances clarity of mind. With our audio sessions, learn simple techniques that will have a lasting impact on the way you feel, act, and see the world around you.

Vital Habits App

Video workouts

Incorporate short workout sessions or learn effective HIIT exercises from in-build videos and detailed descriptions on correctly performing each exercise. Learn when and how often to perform various types of exercises to get the best results.

Vital Habits App

Breathing exercises

Do you think you have mastered your breathing? You might be surprised by how much there is still to discover! Experience how different breathing techniques affect your health, mood, focus, and even the way you move.

Vital Habits App

Guilt-free & low-GI recipes

Explore a selection of nutritious and low glycemic index (GI) dishes that are balanced to provide your body with essential nutrients, while simultaneously ensuring a stable blood sugar level, sustained energy, and a positive mood throughout the day.

Vital Habits App

Empowering guidance

Changing your life can feel overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be this way. Vital Habits invites you to embrace transformation through self-care and cultivate a deep sense of respect for your entire being. Receive motivation, support, inspiration, and a daily dose of positive emotions to relish the entire journey, rather than solely focusing on the end results.

Vital Habits App

Cutting-edge science news

Access the latest scientific news and handpicked health-related content at your fingertips. Stay updated with the latest longevity trends and curate your own personal library by saving your favorite articles and resources.

Vital Habits App

Watch consistency turn into results

Our app includes a convenient built-in tracking system that monitors your progress, letting you assess how well you are performing. Stay informed, maintain your motivation, and make insightful adjustments along your journey to achieve optimal results.

Vital Habits App

Connect with family and friends

Social connection is a fundamental element for a joyful life. Stay connected with your loved ones to support each other’s progress, compete in challenges and celebrate achievements. Embracing a healthy lifestyle is something worth sharing and experiencing together!

What to expect?

Longevity knowledge simplified

Vital Habits simplifies the complex world of longevity research and insights. You’ll gain access to comprehensive and easily understandable longevity information by joining us.

A holistic approach to your health

Rather than focusing solely on your diet or fitness, Vital Habits helps you build a balanced life by addressing all 5 main elements of well-being: Mind, Movement, Recovery, Nutrition, and Detox.

Motivation and accountability

Get the benefits of a built-in support system that keeps you motivated and accountable. Get daily motivational content, engage in sprints, track progress, and celebrate milestones with your friends and family.

Lifestyle and environment determines 90% of your longevity

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* Only 10% is DNA influenced (RUBY ET AL., 2018)

Longevity curve explained

The goal is not simply to extend your lifespan (medication can sometimes achieve it). The goal is to live a fulfilling life of high quality until the end. Maintain good health and vitality as you age. Invest in your longevity!

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